Seven questions with our consultant, Yining He

Having been with BBS for just over two years, Yining provides strategic communications counsel to clients ranging from travel to insurance (and sometimes travel insurance). Bringing along her extensive writing background, Yining finds that the appeal of working in PR lies in telling a compelling brand story driven by insights and trends. Here she tells us how she marries her love for storytelling with the profession of PR.


1. Describe yourself in three words:

I’m quite bad at this question but according to friends: Passionate, committed and curious.

2. What is your biggest weakness?

Pasta. All kinds and all sauces.

3. What do you love most about working in PR?

Telling stories. There are a lot of ways to describe what PR is about – reputation management, stakeholder engagement or thought leadership. While these are all true, I’d like to think PR people are simply storytellers.

What we do is create a story out of a solution, product or brand, and not just any story – it has to be a story that will interest millions of readers or followers. While this can be challenging, it is most rewarding when we can contribute to the conversation with great insights and profiles.

4. If you weren’t in public relations, what would you be doing?

Still something related to writing, hopefully. There’s something immensely satisfying about connecting people and ideas with words on a page.

5. What is the campaign or work you are the most proud of and why?

The beauty of working for a PR agency is that every day we’re working on something different and dynamic. Asking me to pick one piece of work I’m most proud of is almost like getting me to choose between my children.

But I’ll have to go with the partnership we have with AIG Singapore for its long-term communications programme. Over the past two years, we’ve helped AIG Singapore build its reputation locally with insights-led media relations. Every quarter, we release a market update that draws expert commentary and thoughts from AIG Singapore and informs the public about important issues and trends that are shaping a diverse range of sectors.

This strong emphasis on industry insights has helped AIG Singapore to cement its position as a thought leader, and helped to give the public more advice on how to be safe in their daily lives.

6. What is one thing you would love to achieve in your PR career?

To be able to make a real and positive impact on what people are thinking and doing.

7. What piece of advice would you offer your younger self?

To have more fun and stop planning.