Top 10 buzzwords of 2015

It’s time to do your Christmas shopping, plan your New Year holidays, and take a glance in the rear view mirror at the biggest buzzwords of 2015. Drop one of these into conversation and impress your friends at parties.

1.        Culture of content. In other words, you do content, you do it consciously, and you think about content.

2.        Brand newsroom or content studio. Place where you Do The Content.

3.        Storyscaping. Going from ads to stories, or blending the two. (Also ‘brand storytelling’.)

4.        Prosumers. Consumers who are brand advocates, willingly, and unpaid.

5.        Goal digger. Someone who sets goals and achieves them, mowing down all obstacles that stand in the way.

6.        Newsjacking. A company co-opting a news story to get its own PR message across.

7.        mCommerce. Similar to e-commerce, just on a mobile device.

8.        Viewability. Whether or not people are actually looking at your content.

9.        Omnichannel. All the things! Every channel! All of them!

10.     Growth hacking. Finding easy, cheap, smart ways to boost a company’s growth.